Chemway Research is a contract research, custom synthesis and lead discovery based organization
orientation of chemistry-biology to focus on manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and
drug-like small molecules which offers chemistry expertises to all stages of the drug discovery
process from leads identification to lead optimization, scale-up of pharmaceutical products.
Our business are associated with chemistry service platform and product platform. Chemistry
services platform provides an extensive research and developments of medicinal and process
chemistry for drug-like small molecules discovery, lead optimization, contract research, and custom
synthesis of small and macromolecules for related therapeutic applications to pharmaceuticals,
biotechnology, and university organizations in the world. Products platform provides our customers
with a varieties of fluorinated organic intermediates, organic fluorescent dyes, unnatural amino acids,
heterocyclic compounds, chemical modified nucleosides
, nucleoside amidites, PEG analogues, and
controlled pore glass (CPG) solid supports, and complex carbohydrates with a capability of producing
milligrams to kilogram of required compounds.

Our expertise in high field NMR for structural elucidation of either simple or complex organic
molecules through 1D (H, C, F, P) and 2D H-H homonuclcear (DQF-COSY, ROESY, NOESY, TOCSY)
and heteronuclear (H-C, H-N, H-P) NMR (HMQC, HMBC), and other analytic methods (MS, IR, GC-MS,
LC-MS, and UV) ensure high quality of our products and services for you. Our facility is located in San
Diego, California of USA.

            Chemway Research Inc. 744 Camino Magnifico, San Marcos, CA 92069